My Top 20 Self- Awakening Books

1. The Master key System
    Author: Charles F. Haanel

Contains 24 lessons and step by step system which explains how to change the way you think, how to mobilized your untapped resources, how to direct your thought into channels, and spells out the things you should be dwelling upon.

It will explain the inter-relatedness of the outside world and our inner self.

“what’s within, so without”

2. Science of the mind
   Author: Ernest Holmes

It proposes a science with a new relationship between humans and God.

It tells the story the mind evolution from the beginning of time.

This book will help you know who you truly are and how are you connected to the greater intelligence that is out there.

It will help you conquer your mind your thoughts and how to change the way you think and respond.

3. Stillness
   Author: Eckhart Tolle

This is book is a masterpiece. It will take you back to the very root of your being, it doesn’t teach anything but it gives you a signpost, guide go going back within, to know who you truly are.

This book will show you the very core of your being, the stillness, and see the world from the point of view.

I can say that this book helps you to overcome suffering by knowing the cause of it.

4. The Power of Now
    Author:  ECkhart Tolle

This book is one of the most powerful book ever written. It is like a summary of all the books I have read.

Below are the incredible chapters that will surely give you amazing journey back to yourself;

  1. You are not your mind.
  2. The Way out of Pain
  3. Moving Deeply into the now.
  4. The State of Presence
  5. The Inner Body
  6. Portals into the unmanifested.
  7. Enlightened Relationship
  8. Beyond Happiness and Unhappines there is peace
  9. The meaning of Surrender
5. The four AGREEMENTS
    Author:   Don Miguel Ruiz

I will guarantee you that after reading this book you will no longer be the same person like you used to be.

This book will show you how you started to become the man of this world and tell you exactly how to get our from it.

This book will show you the great liberation. The real meaning of freedom from the lies that you were born into.

6. The Voice of knowledge
    Author:    Don Miguel Ruiz 

I read this book over and over again. And some part I am crying, because at some part it will tell you the truth about yourself and about everything, all the comforting lies and truth in this world.

This book is a marterpiece and will open the portals to yourself.

7. Teachings from the master of the  far east
    Author:   Baird T. Spalding

This book requires a high level of spiritual perception.

A journey of the man who traveled to the far east to meet the great masters ever lived.

This book will defy the law of physics and will introduce you to a different dimension and reality that is there.

8. Spiritual Law of Success
    Author:   Deepak chopra

One of the best book of Deepak. I think I read it more than 10 times, also listened to audio book.

Success cannot be found outside of you, its a beautiful truth. Success is who you are, always within, and this book will allow you to tap it.

Are you ready?

9. The Magic
    Author:   Rhonda Byrne

Aw! This is the most simpliest, profound and heart warming book I have ever read. Doesn’t need to have a great spiritual perception because this book tells a very simple yet the very core of all there is.

I have given away I think more than 50 copies of this book for my friends, family and relatives.

This book can challenge you for a money back guarantee. Because “the Magic is real”

I will change the way you respond to everything in your life.

10. The Amazing Secrets of the Yogis
    Author:   Charles f. Haanel

This book is really interesting. You will be able to know the secrets of the most powerful yogis who just live hundreds and thousand of years.

It will also help you start how to do the unique breathing exercise that will transfrom your life.

This book has a lot to tell.

11. The Secret
    Author:   Rhonda Bryne

When you hear the word “Law of Attraction, this book is in the lead.

This book will help you attract the kind of life that you really want to live.

This book is like the Magic Book, very simple but the most effective.

12. A New Earth
    Author:   Eckhart Tolle

This book requires an open mind for you to absorb the message. But it will surely transform your life in an incredible way. You will not walk in this world blindfolded anymore. It will open your eyes to see clearly, look clearly, feel clearly.

This is one of the best book ever written in history.

13. The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire
    Author:   Deepak chopra

This is book explains how we are all connected from the very crust and deepest part of ourselves.

If we are going to look within us, all of us are all connected in the quantum world and spiritual world. That is why nothing happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason. Coincidence contains precious clues about particular facets of our lives that require our attention. Everything that is happening has a message, we just need to crack it.

14. A Course in Miracles
    Author:   Foundation of Inner Peace

I haven’t finish reading this book because it has a daily workbook that you will finish for 365 days.

This is the mother of many books, you can make another 100 books out of this content.

If you are inspiring spiritual teacher it will help you find beingness and become effective in that field.

15. Riches within Your Reach
    Author:  Robert Collier 

I had this book when I took the higher level Heroic Training in PSI.

You can also make a lot of new books from this book because the topics are very broad and very important.

16. The Mastery of Love
    Author:   Don Miguel Ruiz

This book is all about mastering how to love, how to understand, and living a grateful life.

17. A Miracle Awaits You
    Author:   George Sison

This is the very first book I have read. This book open my eyes to learn more about spirituality and to know myself.

George Sison is a Filipino Author and you can find this book in National bookstore in the Philippines. I am lucky to attend one of his live seminar.

This book really is a miracle and open a lot miracles in my life, this book is my savior, first time I read this book was like I am crying for 3 days until I finished it.

18. A book about you
    Author:   Charles F. Haanel

This book is about me, you and us. When I say us, everyone and everything, anything that occupies space. Matter.

This book explains everything about vibration, physics and motion.

A deeper reality is waiting for us to be explore.

19. Mind Illuminated
    Author:   Culadasa (John Yates) and Matthew Immergut with Jeremy Graves

This book is complete guide to learn meditation

20. The Monk Who Sold the Ferrari
    Author:   Robin Sharma

This is one of my favorite novel of all time.

This book is very timely. I think everyone in this generation must read it.

The monk in the story and I are pretty much alike. The journey could be same, that is why I want to fulfill my journey as early as possible.

If you are interested in reading this books, you may download PDF copies on my page DOWNLOADABLES. Not all books are there but you can buy those in Amazon.

Thank you for reading. I hope this books helps you understand more of yourself. Let me know your favorites books too, I too love to read it.