“A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances.”

Whether it’s a relationship in turmoil, financial pressure, a lack of health, or problems in a job, negative situations arise because of a lack of gratitude over a long period of time. If we are not grateful for each thing in our lives, we are unintentionally taking those things for granted. Taking things for granted is a major cause of negativity, because when we take things for granted we are not giving thanks in return, and we stop the magic happening in our life. Just as giving thanks to others will always lead to our life magically increasing, so must taking things for granted always lead to our life decreasing.

Are you grateful for your health when it’s good? Or do you only notice your health when your body gets sick or hurts? Are you grateful for your job every day, or do you only value your job when you hear there will be cutbacks? Are you grateful for your pay or salary every single time you receive it, or do you take your pay or salary for granted? Are you grateful for your loved ones when everything is running smoothly, or do you only talk to others about your loved ones when there are problems? Are you grateful when your car is working well? Or do you only think of your car when it breaks down?
Are you grateful to be alive each day? Or do you take your life for granted?

Taking things for granted results in complaining, negative thoughts and words. So when you complain, by the law of attraction, you must bring more things into your life to complain about!
If you’re complaining about the weather, the traffic, your boss, your spouse, your family, a friend, a stranger, waiting in lines, bills, the economy, the cost of something, or the service of a company, you are not being grateful, and you’re pushing your dream life further away with every complaint.
Now you understand that complaining, negative thoughts and words, and taking things for granted stops the good things in your life. Now you understand that when something goes very wrong you have unintentionally not been grateful enough. It’s impossible to be negative when you’re grateful. It’s impossible to criticize and blame when you’re grateful. It’s impossible to feel sad or have any negative feeling when you’re grateful. And the best news is that if you have any negative situations in your life currently, it won’t take a long period of time to transform them with gratitude. The negative situations will disappear in a puff of smoke – just like magic!

First, as difficult as it may be, you have to look for things to be grateful for in the negative situation. No matter how bad things are, you can always find something to be grateful for, especially when you know that your gratitude will magically transform every negative circumstance. Walt Disney, who knew about the true magic of life, showed us how to do this in his movie Pollyanna.
Disney’s 1960 movie Pollyanna featured “The Glad Game,” which had a profound effect on me when I was a child. I played The Glad Game featured in the movie through my childhood and adolescence. To play The Glad Game, you look for as many things as you can to be glad about, especially in a negative situation. Finding things to be glad about (or finding things to be grateful for) in a negative situation make the solutions appear!
Walt Disney demonstrated the magical power of gratitude in Pollyanna, and thousands of years earlier Buddha demonstrated the way to use the same magical power when he said:
“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.”
Gautama Buddha (circa 563 BC–483 BC)FOUNDER OF BUDDHISM

Let Buddha’s words be your inspiration, and today take one problem or negative situation in your life that you most want to resolve, and look for ten things to be grateful for. I know it can be challenging to begin this practice, but Buddha is showing you the way to do it. Make a written list of ten things on your computer, or in your gratitude journal.

As an example, your problem might be that you’re out of work, and despite your best efforts, you’re still unemployed. To magically turn this situation around, you have to do a concentrated practice of gratitude on the situation. Here are some examples of what you might say:

*I am so grateful to have had more time for my family during this period.
*I’m grateful that my life is in a lot better order because of the spare time I’ve had.
*I am grateful that I’ve had a job most of my life, and that I am experienced.
*I am truly grateful that this is the first time I’ve been unemployed.
*I’m grateful that there are jobs out there, and more new jobs are appearing each day.
*I am grateful for all the things I’ve learned in applying for jobs and in going for interviews.
*I am grateful that I have my health and that I can work.
*I’m grateful for my family’s encouragement and support.
*I’m grateful for the rest I’ve had, because I needed it.
*I’m grateful that through losing my job, I’ve realized how much having a job means to me. I had never realized that until now.

As a result of the unemployed person’s gratitude, they will attract different circumstances, and their current situation must and will magically change. The power of gratitude is greater than any negative situation, and there are unlimited ways that the negative situation can change. All you have to do is practice gratitude and watch the magic take place!

Let’s take another example; a son whose relationship with his father is troubled. The son feels that no matter what he does it never seems to be good enough for his father.

*I am grateful that most of the relationships in my life are really good.
*I’m grateful to my father for working hard so that I could have the education that he didn’t get to have.
*I’m grateful to my father for supporting our family through my childhood, because I didn’t have a clue then how much hard work and money it took to keep our family going.
*I’m grateful to my father for taking me to basketball every Saturday when I was a child.
*I’m grateful that my father is not as tough on me these days as he used to be in the past.
*I’m grateful that my father cares so much about me, because he wouldn’t be tough if he didn’t care so much.
*I’m grateful that through my relationship with my father I have learned to have compassion and a greater understanding with my children.
*I’m grateful to my father for showing me how important encouragement is in raising happy, confident children.
*I’m really grateful when I get to laugh with my father. Some people never got to do that because they didn’t have a father. And for others, who have lost their father, they will never have the chance to laugh with their father again.
*I am so truly grateful that I have my father, because amid the tough times, there have been good times, and there will be more good times ahead with my father.

As a result of the son’s heartfelt feelings of gratitude for his father, he will change their relationship for the better. The son changed the way he thinks and feels about his father, which immediately changes what he attracts from his father. Even though the son was being grateful in his mind, at an energetic and quantum level, the son’s gratitude will have a magical effect on his relationship with his father. Provided he maintains his gratitude, by the law of attraction, the son must receive far better circumstances with his father, and their relationship must begin to improve immediately.
Remember, you can tell your gratitude is working by the way that you feel. You should feel a lot better about the situation after practicing gratitude. The first evidence of gratitude’s magical power working is your feelings lifting, so when you do feel better about it, you know the situation will improve and the solutions will appear. The answer to any negative situation you want to resolve is to focus concentrated gratitude on it until you feel better inside; then you will see the magic work its wonder in the outside world.
In making your written list, make sure you list each of the ten things you’re grateful for in the following way:
I am so grateful for .

Or, I am truly grateful for .
And finish the sentence with what you’re grateful for. You can also use Walt Disney’s way of using gratitude’s magical power if you find it easier:
I am so glad that .
And finish the sentence with what you’re glad about.
Once you’ve listed ten things you’re grateful for, finish the Magical Way Out of Negativity practice by writing:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the perfect resolution.
And just for today, see if you can get through one day without saying anything negative. It may be a challenge, but see if you can make it through one day. There is an important reason to do this, because most of us have no idea how much we speak negatively, but you’ll have an idea after watching your words for a day. Remember that negativity and complaint bring more of those things, and if you’re aware of what you’re saying you can stop and decide if you want the consequences of what you’re about to say. Here is a magic lifeline you can use if you notice yourself thinking or saying something negative. Stop immediately, and say:
But I have to say that I am really grateful for .
Finish the rest of the sentence with something – anything – that you’re grateful for. Take this magic lifeline with you, and grab a hold of it whenever you need it.
And if any little problem or situation appears in the future, remember to put out the embers with gratitude before it grows into a fire. At the same time you will ignite the magic in your life!

This content is credited to The Magic Book of Rhonda Byrne.


Right now, we are living in the world where everything is already prepared for us. It seems that there is a program, that right after we were born, we have to fit in to that program, we have to mold ourself in such a way that we can fit ourself to the system that was already there.
The very first programs in our life was came from our family. When we were born, we are like an empty glass, we dont know anything, we dont have knowledge, we dont have sins, we dont know the difference between right and wrong, we dont know how to judge, we were the most innocent in the his world, like a pure, perfect sample of creation. According to studies, from zero to 3 years old, 50% of our programmed was already made. The seed of programs was already planted. We learned our first ABC from home, the first word, the first belief and also our first fear. Like an empty glass we just accept everything that our parents and family members pours with our mind, and we have no choice. We cannot say, “oh no stop I dont like that information”, everyone was like a God that we obey.
They even gave as a name, see, nothing seems real from the very start.
One of the biggest program that we adapt was the religion. Right after we were born, whatever our parents religion is going to be our religion. It only changes once we reach the time were we have the courage to choose what we want to believe. `
Another program was “the program of dreams”. If you remember, once in your life as a child, your parents asked you, or other people asked you, what do you want to be when you grow up? Ofcourse, you will not answer base on what you want, but by what you’ve seen around you, your options are only limited to the informations that is available around you. One example of this is your parents job. For example, your mother is a doctor, it is very possible that in your mind, you would want to be a doctor someday. I’ve known a family of dentist, doctors, architechs, teachers, police and so on. Since your family is your first influence, you get to adapt with the culture.
education, elementary school, learning and people concept - grou
The longest programming came from school. It is long because it goes in a perfect pattern, the Elementary, highschool, college and MBA and so on. As you start going to school, you tend to adapt with all the school rules and regulations. There is a much stronger rules that you need to comply in order to survive and passed. There are so many teachers that you must obey. Different subject to pass, many lessons to memorize. The teachers will teach you lessons that you have to memorize, then they will measure you performance based on what we call “grades”. Imagine 40 to 50 students in one classroom learning the same lesson, memorizing the same pattern. Then after a while they will give you examinations to measure your comprehension. After the result of the exam they will give you grades, and judge you base on those little numbers. If your grades are high, your teachers will praise you, teachers are happy, and once the grade was out, your parents will be happy too. But, what if its other way around, your grades was not as high as what they expected, ofcourse, the teachers will call out your parents, the comparing starts. You will be compared with other students who did better than you. The judgement arise everywhere, even your classmates will start to bully you. Imagine those teachers expecting those student to learn the same lesson at the same time. How was that possible? They didnt even try to realize that every child is different and none of them has the same level of comprehension. They are not like robots that when you inject the same informations and expect them to function simoultineously. And what happens next? The child felt left behind? They will feel worthless, stupid, not good enough, different, and losers. They will start to question themselves if this words are real. Self confidence starts to fade, the feeling of self worthiness kick in, they will feel alone and unaccepted. They started to lose the most important values of their life.
Then finally the biggest influence of the 21st century, the media. This includes the television, radio, music, video games and the internet. As a child, curiousity is at its peak, they want to explore everything, since we dont know what is right and what is wrong, they just accept everything that they see. In fact, they copy everything. Media decides who is beautiful and who is not, its dictates what to wear, how to react, what to buy, what to dream and so on. I cant say that all the that is we see in the media is bad, I only say it affects people behavior in a ____ way.
To think of it, majority of things that we know or what we believe is not originaly from us. The way we think, the way we see the world, it was all from the influence of those biggest company who programmed everything. The government, the polictics, the education system, financial system, almost everything is programmed. Its like when we were born, we are like an empty USB, or CPU’s, no files, no programs, until those influencers started planting information in our baby brain. How do we stop this matrix, how do we wake from this dream, or the real question is, who are you? what is your original identity before the programming? why are we here? Are we here to fit in or are we here to make a change?
To be continued…
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