IT’S FUN TO RUN- Benefits of Running and Walking

Hi everyone!
I am a 30 year old woman and a part time vegetarian, but i dont exercise a lot. Being a vegetarian makes me skinny and that reason gave me an excuse not to exercise anymore because in my mind that If I do, I will become much more skinny.
I spend most of my time on the computer, mind activities and alike. Whenever  i feel like there is something wrong in my body I get really scared, that is the only time that i care to do exercise.  My life was always like this until a 79 year old friend invited us to join a fun run.
That really challenged me because i’m only 30 and a 79 year old who is healthy looking, pro-active man is more into excercise than me. And ofcourse I joined the run with my friends and it was really change my healthy habbits. I was like “how come running and walking is so much fun”.
Our first run was sponsored by Chinoy TV,   where i ran for almost 2 miles or 3 kilometers. I can say that i really enjoyed it, as a beginner, it was so much fun, i’m with my friend Angel and Rona and the man who encourage us to run, Sir Romy who ran for 10 kilometers straight. And I was like, what??? 10 kilometers? “shame on me! hahaha”, Oh Ara forgive yourself your just a begginer hahaha. I must say that he was one of my inspiration in running and  walking. I have never met a man at his age who is so health conscious and has a stamina of a 30 year old.
I got so curious about his healthy life style and i cant stop myself from asking what’s his secrets. Here we go…
1. Why do you run?
         “I run for a couple reasons. Firstly, running has been one of the exercise to get fit and how to remain young at heart. Secondly, For the cause of the several sponsors who are promoting their products and benefited me also of getting their products that I could use at home and well-being”
2. When did you start running?
        “I started running in 2008 in response to ‘Race for Cure’ advertisement by a cancer agency. I was given a T-Shirt that all the sponsors and date were printed on the T-Shirt and still keep it”.
3. What are the benefits of running and walking in your health?
        ” There are separate benefits of running and walking because of what you are burning in your body systems; calories from FAT or calories from MUSCLE. Running is one of the cardio exercises but with so much intensity it promotes the production of the stress hormone known as CORTISOL that makes you crave more food to replenish the huge amount of calories you burned that negated your purpose of losing weight. Whereas in walking you burned a balance amount of calories that’s ideal for losing weight and ‘promotes the production of the happy hormones, serotonin, and dopamine, giving you happiness and motivating you to achieve your weight loss goal”.
4. What makes you fit?
       “Eating a healthy diet to heart and exercising every day in the GYM and stop bad habits of drinking alcohol and smoking”.
5. What are your motivations to run and exercise?
      “My motivations to run has been to improve my stamina and endurance and strengthen my bones. Exercise increases my agility, promotes good mood, spirit, and emotions”.
6. What are your healthy habits?
     “The most important thing is to be active in a different aspect of life in physical, emotional, spiritual and mentality. In physical doing regular exercises; In spiritual, praying before eating and after waking up and meditation by substruction; in emotional, develop a friendship; in mentality, playing chess, watch a favorite TV program and follow the financial market at the US and Philippines and last but not the least never to be in a sedentary life style. Drink plenty of water at least 8 bottles every day; sleep at least 8 hours every night and cut down on Facebook at night”.
7. how does it feel after you finished the race?
    “I’ve felt in a triumphant mood and even though not the best runner in the race I achieved as a finisher”.
Ofcourse, that doesn’t stop the fun and the run, we also joined the SMDC fun run last week and I go for a little bit further, from 3K, now  I finished 5k! hOLA amiga!!! hahaha.
And this time I invited more friends to join us. I promise you its doubled the fun!
We were laughing along, gigling, chatting, we really enjoyed it. We decided to go for 10K on our next run, after that we will aim for 21K. WOW! how far is that??? hahaha
I’ll let you know if we are still after  we reached the fininsh line. haha!
Below are the benefits of running and walking that will invite you to do it.
  • Running helps you get fit because it burns calories in less time than almost any other contineous experience.
  • Running boost your vitamin D naturally
  • Improves mood
  • Walking is a low impact exercise that produces less stress on the kneed and joints thatn many other activities do.
  • Running makes you happier because according to studies it produces endorphines, a brain chemical that make you feel happy.
  • Running strenghtens your knees, joints and bones too.
Walking and running is sometimes boring for some reason and heres my advice on how you can enjoy it;
  1. Run with a friend, your family, your child, or with your pet. Not only you who gets fit but you also encouraging them to be healthy. Trust me! 🙂
  2. Bring your cellphone. Hahaha!  I’m telling you, your gonna miss it when you seen someone taking selfies while running. hahaha. Ofcourse its always up to you. You can also use it to listen to your favorite music while walking, it really boost your energy, you’ll never notice how far you’ve come.
  3. Bring water and chocolate! If your planning to have a longer walk it will be very helpful.
Enjoy running guys!
Below are some of our pictures