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As developers found new ways to combine urban living  with walkable communities, it engage both domestic  and foreign investors also the millennial buyers. Below are the advantages of mixed use developments.



Convenience is the ultimate advantage of mixed use development properties. With everything you need right within your reach, you dont have to travel far from home just to fetch daily necessities.

You can buy groceries anytime you need it without going out of the building.

You don’t have to cook your meal because there are restaurants  and food stops available inside the building.

You don’t have to drive away from home to go to the malls, because there is a mall inside your building. You will reduce the need to travel giving a you huge amount of savings. Thus,  don’t have to pay parking fees.

Its also possible to get a job just inside the building because there are offices and commercial establishments that can offer a job.


Most the mixed use projects are located near the central business district  where the demand is notable. A place where  people have the need to maximize their time. Mixed use properties are located in densely-packed areas that are close to city amenities such as schools, libraries and parks.



Mixed use building provides higher level of security and property management. It envelops a  blend of residential, industrial and commercial real estate so it will demand a superior property management. For most condominiums, there is a separate lobby for mall, offices and residential units. There is also a double security access  for using the elevator. Most of the condominiums like 100 West Makati requires a key card access., meaning you can only go to the floor that your card is registered. This benefits attracts high quality tenants , shorter unit vacancies which are beneficial to the investors.



One of the finest  advantage of Mixed use developments is that it is easy to liquidate depending on your investment horizon. At the time you decided to take back your money you can re-sale your unit at the higher  price. Remember that a well-designed  mixed used development located on a great location can draw numerous potential buyers. You may also sell your unit to  foreign buyers who are going in and out of the country for a sudden transactions. Foreigners are very attracted on a convenient city living so they are one of the best market for resales.



Mixed use buildings are typically a safe bet for investors because of a higher return of investment. It has the most rental demands because it has industrial companies (offices) inside the building. 100 West Makati for example has 4 floors of offices that can accommodate around 4000 to 5000 employees. A mixed use condo like this can increase rental rate to its maximum potential base on the demand. Tenants in mixed use buildings are often some of the greatest beneficiaries of commercial businesses in the building which contributes to a higher stream of income to both investors and developer. Mixed use developments are also draw interest  to tenants because of accessibility and benefits it brings. Tenants are willing to shell out  more provided that they have everything they   need in just one roof. Millennials are the biggest market for rentals since they prefer the the most convenient and walkable location to live by.

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